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Our customers clearly envision possibilities that artificial intelligence offers: business margin growth, staff optimization, cost & time savings, innovations, and new product launches.We help with shaping their ideas into viable business hypotheses and technical development plans. Then, we rapidly prototype proofs of the value of the technology and scale them to production-ready state-of-the-art solutions. Last but not least, we help with the talent search and allocation to ensure the best synergy possible.

Custom AI Development Stages

Business Case Evaluation

Proof of Concept

Full Solution Launch

Business Case Evaluation

Business Case Evaluation

At this stage, we study the project and prepare the project charter with business needs and goals, baselines, deliverables, prioritized use cases and scenarios based on business value and feasibility. Also, we do a preliminary research hypotheses report about data and modeling and prepare the Proof of Value roadmap.

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— Come to AI Side —

Decisions making with AI

Apart from the technological challenges, there are important decisions to do and processes to define and control. We trust in decisions made by experts who have experience both in AI technologies and the target industry. In every phase of your project, we can facilitate and hold brainstorms or educational workshops that lead to successful and impactful decisions.
With our help, our clients better evaluate their product idea and generate new ones. On the ongoing projects, our experts and managers audit AI models, workflows, and processes. Also, we provide data analysis and data strategy consulting, which lies in the core of every AI project.

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— AI That Works —

General AI development

Are you already working on data-driven products and stuck at some point? Maybe data collection and labelling process isn't scaling well? Or the amount of data is that high so you need a high load data engineering pipeline? Maybe everything is well with data but AI models don't show enough accuracy?
Anyways, the deployment and scaling stage, not talking about maintenance and interpretation, is always a pain to be shared with someone. Our top-class engineers are ready to give a hand in general problems, that frequently happen in the AI product development process and solve your problems ASAP.

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