Zpoken build playbook


(1-2 mnth)

Join ideation roundtables with advisors

Customer interviews w/ validator network

Build advisory board

Create resource plan

Engage community

Product architecture / design plan


(3-10 mnth)

Hire first 1-3 engineers

Weekly advisory board meetings

Ship MVP V1

Pilot with users

Continual market experiments


(10+ mnth)

Hire functional leaders (marketing, community, buisness development, product, UI/UX)

Expand growth efforts

Ship V1 complete product

Scale community

pin dynamic clay

Swarm Methodology

Work with the right builders at the right time based on your project’s week-to-week needs.

pin dynamic clay

Bleeding Edge

Leverage our experience building with the latest web3 tech and best practices.

pin dynamic clay

Continuous Coordination

Interface through a dedicated PM to ensure we continuously satisfy your requirements.

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Long-term Alignment

Utilize your project’s tokens to align incentives with our builders.


Validator network

Rapidly validate ideas through 1:1 meetings with web3 developers, product leaders & technical builders. Members of our validator network work at web3 projects including:

Pre-seed capital (optional)

Cryptography expertise

Capital markets expertise

Community building expertise

Token design strategy

Developer recruiting

Regulatory guidance